What We Do

Our Services

Information Security and Governance

We provide specialized expertise on information security and we answer your “how” questions. How to protect data and private information, how to control access to data and information, how to manage physical data backup and assets, how to ensure organizational awareness of security risks, how to have good information security housekeeping, etc.

  • IT security review and process audits, penetration and vulnerability testing
  • Risk assessment and action plan to address vulnerabilities
  • IT security model implementation
  • Information security policies and IT control policies
  • Information security awareness seminars and trainings
  • Expert advice and training on penetration testing and network hacking and defense

Business Process Review, Automation & Re-engineering

We are in business, so we understand your business. We leverage legal, technical, business and financial knowledge and experience to effectively listen, understand your business needs, and craft responsive solutions. We tailor-make solutions to your needs, not one size fits all solutions.

  • Systems engineering, system migration and integration
  • Business and production process analysis
  • System architecture design
  • Automation
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Custom technology solutions and applications development, testing, deployment and support
  • Infrastructure and technology support services to improve quality of service delivery and improve business processes
  • IT Solutions

    • Payment gateway
    • Helpdesk (management system)
    • Training/learning portal
    • Property management system
    • Information security management portal
    • E-commerce portal
    • Inventory management system
    • Financial management portal
    • Client marketing websites
    • Mobile applications
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) modules
    • Transport booking and reservation portal
    • Registration portal
    • E-mail blast app