The Meet Room is an online web conferencing portal that you can use to conduct online meetings, demos, and presentations. With this service, you can now collaborate with your team members without having to meet in person, or make a sales presentation to your customer remotely, or hold seminars and training sessions from wherever you are and with as many as 100 participants from anywhere they may be. This is the communication tool that you need to deliver your message to your audience anywhere in the world in real time.


Breakout Rooms

Group users into breakout rooms for team


Poll your users anytime

Screen Sharing

Share your screen

Multi-User Whiteboard

Draw together


Online Meetings, Training & Technical Support

Video Conferencing

Build Collaboration-Enabled Conference Rooms


The next generation enterprise phone system


Chat-enabled system for collaboration


Presentation, lecture or workshop


Record a meeting

Lower Bandwidth

Lower bandwidth overcomes noise profiles

And Many More

Surprises await you!